Digital Transformation and New Business Model in Aero with Alto

A B2B travel operator. Aero is a business with more than 50 years of activity in the travel and tourism business. Aero is Wholesale Tour Operators with a great vocation for service and oriented to satisfy the needs of travel agents in the Argentine market in an easy, profitable, and safe way.They operate the main tourist destinations preferred by passengers in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the USA through our own and/or qualified receptive agreements in each place.
Node js

Aero - Alto began in 2016 when, after several conversations between both management teams, was decided to invest deeply in the digital transformation of Aero, and of the operators with whom the company works.After carrying out a joint discovery process and workshops, Alto planned a roadmap together with Aero's technical teams in order to implement conceptual, technology, and even methodology changes.


  • Digital transformation of the business. Roadmap: 5 years.
  • Continuous improvement mindset.
  • Knowledge transfer to build an online search and reservation platform for their customers (B2B2C travel agents).

Alto team involved

Agile Project Manager, UX/UI Designers, Full Stack Engineers, Front-End Developers, QA Analyst, Business Analyst, Software Architects, and a Product Owner.

The Challenge


Inexperienced software team, with no planification and available just for help desk and maintenance of internal systems.

After the discovery process was carried out to capture and document the challenges, a series of workshops were held to refine the joint work modality, in order to transfer best practices to Aero. The tracking system was changed to Jira and from there onwards the modality to carry out the Scrums was defined.

Once the scrum process was defined, we built together the framework in order to have the right metrics.

The roadmap for the customer was set as a 5 years roadmap. The main concept was going from OKR, methodology, small projects to bug projects aiming to have independent squads after 3 years.

Tech Stack Used

The app was developed using React Redux with Node.js and AWS Services.

The strongly-typed JavaScript stack made it easier and faster to onboard new people to the project; and that was an important thing for this project because interdisciplinary teams were involved in different stages of the development process and low onboarding times were critical for reaching business deadlines.


“Alto helped us to grow our business metrics, and to transform our company into a tech company with their mindset!”
Carlos Galvan - Tech Lead in Aero

The Outcome

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Increase team velocity
  • Effort Dedicated to Bugs Resolution <10%
  • Remote Culture training. Right now the company is 100% open to Remote work.