Ambition Profile: Prompt Hiring

Ambition Profile
Ambition Profile is an innovative screening tool that categorizes high performers into four personas, fostering a healthier and more efficient work environment. They sought Alto's expertise to create a scalable platform with robust user interfaces for clients and managers.
Node js

Discover how Alto and Ambition Profile partnered to build a cutting-edge screening tool, revolutionizing hiring processes for companies worldwide.


The challenge was to design a comprehensive platform that allowed companies to manage screening processes, analyze candidates, and generate individual reports while ensuring data privacy and GDPR compliance.


  • Develop a user-friendly back-office tool and client interface.
  • Create dedicated and centralized services for seamless client management.
  • Implement cloud-based architecture for scalability and internationalization.
  • Integrate 2FA for enhanced security and payment gateways for smooth transactions.

Tech Stack

React.js and Node.js were chosen for their efficiency and flexibility. Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Express.js were also used to meet specific project requirements. HTML5, CSS3, and Git ensured a robust and maintainable UI/UX.


“It was a good project, maintaining and developing new features for the platform using the MEAN stack. Getting to know the project's goal and details about psychometric tests was also great.”
Willmer Hernandez - Full Stack Engineer


  1. Frontend applications for client and back-office tools with intuitive user interfaces.
  2. Cloud-based platform services leveraging AWS for scalability and efficiency.
  3. Successful integration of 2FA and payment gateways for enhanced security and seamless transactions.
  4. GDPR-compliant solution, safeguarding user data and privacy.
  5. Ambition Profile's screening tool revolutionized hiring processes, making Prompt Hiring a reality for companies worldwide.