e-commerce Revamp
Atoms’ founders decided to design a shoe that excites you to wear it daily. And they did it. Atoms shoes are designed for the way you live your life, with a whole new level of comfort, using their proprietary foam that keeps Atoms light-weight, durable and comfortable.
Node js

Enhanced Atoms shoe e-shop experience, featuring the Shoe Finder Quiz, impeccable fit, and improved performance


To create a user-centric website that reflects Atoms' groundbreaking shoe design and provides an exceptional e-shopping journey.


  1. Elevate user experience with the Shoe Finder Quiz.
  2. Enable customized orders for each foot.
  3. Showcase shoe design and materials comprehensively.
  4. Optimize site performance and image loading.
  5. Enhance sales flow and introduce a product reservation system.

Tech Stack Used

  • JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Next.js, GraphQL, and Node.js for a dynamic, fast, and scalable frontend.
  • Collaboration with in-house teams for seamless development.


"Alto's rapid talent acquisition was pivotal. Within weeks, we onboarded top engineers. Alto's network and global payment platform are highly recommended."

Dawa Sherpa, Former Head of Engineering, Atoms.


  1. Redesigned frontend for improved performance.
  2. Successful code refactoring.
  3. Achieved Customer Satisfaction (NPS) score of 10.
  4. Enhanced sales flow at My Atoms.
  5. Implemented a product reservation system for low-inventory items.