Powering Havas Media's Marketing Campaigns

Havas Media
HAVAS Media is a prominent communication consulting group, specializing in traditional media advertising and marketing services. Alto partnered with HAVAS Argentina to provide technical support and knowledge for their marketing campaigns.
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Discover how Alto empowered HAVAS Media with technical support and expertise for their marketing campaigns, leading to a successful 5-year partnership and numerous successful projects.


HAVAS Media required technical expertise and support for their marketing campaigns, demanding seamless collaboration between their designers and marketing leaders. The challenge was to ensure smooth execution and timely delivery of more than 15 diverse projects.


  • Provide technical support for HAVAS' marketing campaigns.
  • Foster a successful 5-year partnership with HAVAS Media.
  • Collaborate on projects for renowned brands, including BYMA, Molinos Río de la Plata, Clorox, and more.
  • Develop over 15 projects, including product launches, mass event promotions, and brand redesigns in Latin America.
  • Utilize React, React Native, Node.js, OctoberCMS, Wordpress, and PHP to meet diverse project needs effectively.

Tech Stack

Alto utilized a comprehensive tech stack, including React, React Native, Node.js, OctoberCMS, Wordpress, and PHP. These technologies were chosen for their flexibility and ability to meet the unique requirements of each project.


"With Alto, we found talented developers in weeks instead of months. Their high-quality certified talent onboarded quickly, contributing to our projects' success."
Pedro Di Risio - Director at HAVAS Media.


Key Outcome #1: A strong and successful 5-year partnership between HAVAS Media and Alto.

Key Outcome #2: Successful execution of projects for notable brands and events.

Key Outcome #3: Development of over 15 diverse projects, showcasing Alto's expertise and adaptability.

Key Outcome #4: Websites for product launches, mass event promotions, and brand redesigns across Latin America.

Key Outcome #5: Empowering HAVAS Media with technical support, contributing to their marketing campaign success.