Savana partnering with Alto to accelerate Software Development

Savana, a fintech pioneer, joined forces with Alto to reimagine mortgage lending. By uniting Savana's automation prowess with Alto's technical expertise, they introduced an intuitive, unified mortgage platform.

Discover how Alto collaborated with Savana to revolutionize mortgage lending through a user-friendly platform, empowered by Angular and innovative tech.


The client envisioned a modern and easy-to-use mortgage lending platform called Consumer Self Provisioning (CSP) in order to provide a simple, intuitive, and pleasant user experience to all users.


  • Streamline mortgage lending process with a unified platform.
  • Develop CSP platform for enhanced user experience.
  • Employ Agile methodology for iterative development.
  • Create features like Borrower Portal and Loan Finder.
  • Ensure pixel-perfect UI based on mockups.

Tech Stack

  • Angular & TypeScript for productivity and scalability.
  • Web Components for modular UI elements and adaptability.
  • Redux-like state management (ngRx) for centralized data handling.
  • Reactive Programming for interactive user experiences.


“Team, wanted to take a minute and thank you for your hard work as we continue to build something very special in the market. I feel very lucky to be part of this journey with you. Thanks again!”
Senior Product Manager. Savana, Inc.


  • Introduced a simplified, unified mortgage lending system.
  • Collaborative squads facilitated effective remote teamwork.
  • Seamless communication among analysts, developers, and QA.
  • Elevated mortgage lending experience through intuitive UI.
  • Enhanced efficiency for loan agents, consultants, and borrowers.

Agile Approach

Alto adopted an Agile development methodology for this project, which means that we defined incremental and iterative work beats called sprints.

For each of these sprints, we coordinated and planned with the client which features were going to be included in each iteration: we defined tasks and estimated the effort required to complete each task.

Key Functionalities

  • Application Capture

The loan officer navigates through a number of different screens for gathering all the necessary information for the creation of a lead.

  • Borrower Portal

After a borrower applies for a mortgage, he/she has access to a portal for securely uploading required documents, exchanging messages with the loan officer, and monitoring overall loan progress.

  • Loan Finder

The platform also provides borrowers with a simple experience to apply for pre-qualification, in order that they can search for their own product and pricing solutions.

  • Prospective Scenarios

Based on the information captured, the system generates product combinations (aka scenarios) through a Decision Engine service. The results are presented for comparison and to select a solution to create a loan application.

  • The Solution

Alto implemented a clean and elegant User Interface (UI) based on the supplied screen mockups created by the UX/UI Designer. To achieve this, it was important to retain a pixel-perfect precision in accordance with the design we received.

The first major decision we made was the stack of technologies we were going to use for building the application itself.