Elevating Self-Esteem Brands with Elite Software Talent

Self Esteem
Self Esteem Brands, the parent company of Anytime Fitness and StrongerU, aimed to enhance the quality of life for individuals globally. To achieve this mission, they needed experienced and passionate software developers. Alto, as a trusted partner, embarked on a journey with SeBrands to find expert talent and develop innovative solutions together.

Discover how Alto and SeBrands partnered together to find skilled software experts, strengthen the technology behind their brands, and empower SeBrands.


The challenge was to find senior Full Stack, Front End, and Back End Developers who aligned with SeBrands' mission and could contribute to the growth and impact of their main brands, Anytime Fitness and StrongerU.


  • Recruit 7 experienced Software Experts to join the SeBrands teams.
  • Enable the continued growth and positive impact of Anytime Fitness and StrongerU on global health and well-being.
  • Foster an ongoing and thriving partnership with SeBrands to support them in finding expert talent.
  • Strengthen the technology and development of Anytime Fitness and StrongerU through new team members.
  • Cultivate a collaborative, client-focused approach to project development.

Tech Stack Used

Alto leveraged a cutting-edge tech stack, including:

  • API/microservices (PHP) for scalable and efficient backend development.
  • JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Ionic/Capacitor) for dynamic and interactive frontend experiences.
  • Deployment to Apple App Store and Google Play for widespread accessibility.
  • Azure for reliable cloud-based services.
  • Databases (SQL Server, MySQL) for robust data management.
  • Hubspot and WooCommerce for seamless customer interactions.
  • Github for version control and collaborative development.


Alto is a highly professional company, carrying a lot for their employee's well been and satisfaction. Easy to contact and talk through any concern you may have. Nice work environment and fantastic human beings.
Angel Camacho - Frontend Engineer


  • Alto successfully recruited 7 experienced Software Experts, strengthening the SeBrands teams.
  • Anytime Fitness and StrongerU continued to thrive, positively impacting people's health and well-being worldwide.
  • The partnership between Alto and SeBrands flourished, ensuring continuous support in talent acquisition.
  • New team members enhanced the technology and development of Anytime Fitness and StrongerU.