Empowering UNICEF's Impact

UNICEF, a United Nations agency, tirelessly works to protect and support children in 190 countries and territories, delivering humanitarian and developmental aid. Alto proudly partnered with UNICEF on a transformative software project aimed at simplifying data handling, implementing new technologies, and strengthening security measures.

Discover how Alto collaborated with UNICEF to optimize information management, enhance security, and support their impactful projects, positively transforming the lives of millions of children worldwide.


The challenge for UNICEF was to effectively sort and systematize information from various sources into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. Additionally, the project involved adopting new technologies, identifying suitable suppliers and services, and ensuring the seamless integration of digital solutions. Alto also provided support in resolving security vulnerability issues, safeguarding sensitive information.


  • Recruit candidates with strong technological knowledge and development skills, prioritizing user-focused solutions.
  • Identify optimal tools and technologies for implementation, taking responsibility for certain development operations.

Tech Stack Used

  • Drupal for efficient frontend-backend settings management.
  • Integrations with GTM, Tripolis, web service, Azure, and SSL certificates to enhance functionality and data flow.


  • Contributed to impactful projects with a direct positive effect on millions of girls and boys globally.
  • Engaged in a dynamic and challenging team environment, collaborating on various projects within UNICEF Argentina's largest fundraising team.
  • Improved information management and data visualization, enabling better decision-making processes.
  • Resolved security vulnerabilities, ensuring enhanced protection for sensitive information.