Digital Empowerment: Alto & World Pulse

World Pulse
World Pulse is an independent, women-led, global social network for social change. We are a safe online space where women log on, speak for themselves, and lift each other up. On World Pulse, women from across 227 countries and territories are taking collective action, impacting 21.6 million people and counting. They exchange stories, make connections, and learn new digital skills that enable them to rise up and create faster change in their communities.
Node js

Alto Engineers collaborated with World Pulse, a women-led global network, using NodeJS, ReactJS, and GraphQL to scale their platform. Through this partnership, Alto Engineers joined the World Pulse team, contributing to the platform's growth and ongoing mission for positive change.


World Pulse sought to harness digital technology to unlock the creative potential of women globally, connecting them and amplifying their impact in their communities.


  • Scale World Pulse's platform to reach new users and countries.
  • Attract Full Stack JS Developers to join the World Pulse team.
  • Facilitate connections and knowledge exchange among women worldwide.
  • Equip women with digital skills to accelerate change.

Tech Stack Used

  • NodeJS: For server-side development and handling backend operations.
  • ReactJS: To build a responsive and interactive user interface.
  • GraphQL: Enabling efficient data querying and retrieval, enhancing user experience.


“It's awesome to be working with Alto! They are always very helpful and fast when you need something, and there's always someone available that can help you. And the online app is very good, has all the information that I need. I really have nothing negative to say.”
Johnny Izidoro Menarim - Full Stack Developer


  • Squad of engineers from Alto joined the World Pulse team, bolstering their development efforts.
  • The platform facilitates collective action, story-sharing, and skill-building among women.
  • Alto Engineers and World Pulse continue to collaborate in pursuit of their mission.